To Agents

Hi there fellow agents,

Thanks for visiting and hope business has been good for you.

As we all know, we often need to work together in this industry since no one can possess all the good listings out there.  As a buyer’s agent with a growing list of clients looking for properties in PJ, I would like to invite you to promote your listings on this website and to my clients.

Think of this as an extra (and free) avenue for you to market your property to a ready list of buyers. I will, of course, only work with one agent for each property, and keep your details confidential. By working with me, you will also be notified of firsthand requests from existing and new clients. Our line of work is full of surprises and opportunities, you never know, you may just have the property that they want!

I anticipate that other agents will drop by this website as well. As an additional benefit, where the listing belongs to you and other agents wish to co-broke on your property, I will be happy to connect them to you directly.

So, when you have a great residential property in PJ, do get in touch with me as soon as possible. Thanks for your support!

Yours sincerely,


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